Early winter gardening tips | Planting bulbs, dividing perennials & seed saving

Early June gardening

Early June tips from Rachel Gray of Gray Floral Nursery & Garden Centre.


Now is the time to plant the very last tulips, freesias, gladiolus nanus, ornithogalum and anemones.


We plant our tulips super close, whether they’re for picking or for enjoying in pots. They can be planted like eggs in a carton for a gorgeous pot display.

I like to over-plant my tulip pots with pansies (‘antique shades’ or white) for colour through winter.


I’m making sure I’ve cut back my peonies, michaelmas daisies (asters) and delphiniums down to ground level, leaving just basal growth.

Dividing perennials

This time of year is a great time to divide perennials – in the nursery we are potting up our bare root perennials. We leave them in the glasshouse through winter to establish so they’re ready for the shop come spring.

Collecting seeds

This is also the time to collect seed before flipping a bed for spring crops. We’ve been collecting dahlia, celosia and zinnia seed as part of our breeding experiments.

Tulip bulb planting
Tulip bulbs at Gray Floral.
Pre sprouted anemones at Gray Floral.