How to make ‘hulk hands’ with microgreens | Nature craft projects for tamariki

Hulk Hands

— Words extracted from Play Wild: Nature Craft Projects for Tamariki by Rachel Clare

Transform your hand into a giant green monster hand in a matter of days — then eat it!

You might also like to grow a shape like a heart or star. Lay a cookie cutter on your soil and sprinkle the seeds inside the shape or write your initials with a stick and sprinkle the seeds inside the letters.

You will need:

  • Paper 
  • A shallow terracotta saucer or plate larger than your hand 
  • Seed-raising mix 
  • Microgreen seeds 
  • Spray bottle of water


Place the saucer upside down on your piece of paper and trace around it with a pen. Cut out the circle. Lie your hand flat in the middle of the paper outline. Splay your fingers out as far as you can, then trace around your hand with a pen.


Poke the blade of a pair of scissors carefully through the paper saucer shape and cut out the hand. Put the hand shape to one side (you might like to decorate it). The remaining circle with the cut-out hand shape is your seed stencil.


Fill your saucer with seed-raising mix, then spritz it with the spray bottle of water until the potting mix sticks to your fingers.


Lay your round hand template over the saucer. Sprinkle the hand-shaped area thickly with seeds until completely covered. Press the seeds in very lightly. Spritz again and place in a warm, sunny spot. Spritz it daily so the mix doesn’t dry out.

Hulk hands with microgreens | Gardening with kids


In just a few days the seeds will germinate and your hand will start growing and growing until it is larger than your real hand. Your microgreens will be ready to harvest in about two weeks. Use a pair of scissors to cut them just above the soil, and sprinkle them over a salad or make a ‘hand’wich!

Words extracted from Play Wild: Nature Craft Projects for Tamariki by Rachel Clare

Photos by Jacob Leaf, published by Bateman Books, RRP $29.99, April 2024