Plant profile | Rengarenga (Arthropodium cirratum)

— Excerpt from Foraging New Zealand by Peter Langlands

Other names: Maikaika, New Zealand rock lily, renga lily.


Grows to 70cm high, often found in clusters. The elongated strap-like leaves are a vibrant green with a soft texture. Clustering at the end of long stems, its white star-shaped flowers have six petals and open wide to display their stamens, which are yellow, white and pale purple.


Found throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, primarily in coastal areas, and especially in the upper half of the North Island.


In the wild they are found on rocky coasts, but they have been extensively planted for decorative landscaping
in a wide range of environments, including parkland.


Available throughout the year.

Similar species

Take care not to confuse with agapanthus, which has similar strappy leaves.

Key edible uses

The base of the fresh shoots can be eaten as a green when steamed. Traditionally the rhizomes were cooked in a hāngī, and they can be roasted with the fleshy stems.

Peter Langlands Foraging NZ

About Peter Langlands

With a lifelong interest in the outdoors, Peter spends his time in a wide variety of environments that present a diversity of foraged foods, from alpine to coastal locations. After studying natural sciences at Canterbury University and postgraduate papers in zoology, foraging turned him from a zoologist to an accidental botanist. Peter now works as one of Aotearoa’s only licensed professional foragers, sourcing wild produce for chefs around the country, including the innovative Amisfield, running foraging workshops and sharing his love of the subject through his social media pages and website. Peter has spent a lifetime compiling Aotearoa’s largest database of wild foraged species and works with international foragers on expanding the spectrum and use of wild foods.

Foraging NZ

Excerpt from Foraging New Zealand by Peter Langlands

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