How to Grow: Strawberries

How to Grow: Strawberries

Strawberries are super easy to grow and harvest, taking up little space in your garden. They are a ground cover plant and spread rapidly with their runners. 

A plant’s yield increases in their second and third year of growing, then it reduces. Strawberry plants usually need to be replaced every three years, which you can do by choosing a few of your established “crowns” from your plants and replanting them.


Plant from late autumn, in winter or early spring. Enrich their beds before planting with rotted manure or compost. Strawberry plants can be grown in the garden, pots and hanging baskets.


MULCH — with thick straw or peahay. Strawberries are best grown away from the soil, hence their name “straw” berry. 

HARVEST — to eat (or freeze) immediately as strawberries don’t ripen after they’ve been picked.

PROTECT — with netting if you’re finding that the birds are getting to the fruit before you are.