Recipe | Fruity Sangria

fruity sangria | Healthy Kelsi

Recipe | Fruity Sangria

Those who have travelled in the Mediterranean during the summer will know about the popularity of a cooling sangria. I remember walking along the waterfront in Lisbon passing dozens of sangria and piña colada stands. Sangria is one of my favourite cocktails — I love how it is packed with so much fruit and leaves you feeling so refreshed!

fruity sangria | Healthy Kelsi

Gluten free | Nut free
10 minutes


1 orange, sliced 

1 lemon, sliced 

1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen 

1 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen 

½ cup pomegranate seeds 

10 strawberries, sliced 

2 cups orange juice 

Handful of mint 

750 ml bottle of red or white wine


Combine all the ingredients in a large jug. Mix well and serve chilled or with ice.

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Recipe extracted from Healthy Kelsi Travel Kitchen: Plant-based recipes from around the globe by Kelsi Boocock

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