Flavours From My Italian Kitchen Garden: Bri DiMattina

Recipe developer and gardener Bri DiMattina’s book, Nostrana, sets out to rekindle the joy of the home garden and kitchen. Nostrana means homegrown, ours; growing food with the intent of sharing it with others.

In this interview Bri shares her keys to starting and enjoying the edible garden journey —

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How to: Create a Thriving Edible Backyard — Kath Irvine

Kath Irvine is a renowned organic gardening and permaculture expert and author. Through her writing and consults, she helps people create productive, beautiful and, most of all, easy gardens. 

In this interview, Kath shares her gardening wisdom, including the importance of starting small, slowing down, taking notice and following your intuition.

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Planting in Guilds: Permaculture Guild Combos

A guild is a team of plants that support, protect and nourish each other, working together for the benefit of all. A guild creates stability and best health because the variety of plants above brings a variety of roots and soil life below. The carefree, wild look belies a carefully crafted, low maintenance, smart garden.

Words by Kath Irvine, from The Edible Backyard

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