How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden | Sage Journal x Goodnature
How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden
A comprehensive guide for gardeners when it comes to dealing with rats and mice in the garden (or inside!) — in partnership with Goodnature. Rodents are part of the not-so-glamorous side of gardening and tending to the land. They love your edible harvests and compost bins — and, particularly in autumn, they're looking for shelter and food to stash for the colder months ahead. 
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Hotel’s Hillside Garden — Sherwood, Queenstown

Sherwood’s trump card is its grounds. They were previously covered with bracken, wilding pines and an old abandoned car. The team has since refreshed the area. A very large vegetable garden is front and centre (which also forms a handy circuit for a bike track). Sherwood employs a full time horticulturalist to grow for the restaurant, to maximise what of their menu is grown in-house.

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