Flavours From My Italian Kitchen Garden: Bri DiMattina

Recipe developer and gardener Bri DiMattina’s book, Nostrana, sets out to rekindle the joy of the home garden and kitchen. Nostrana means homegrown, ours; growing food with the intent of sharing it with others.

In this interview Bri shares her keys to starting and enjoying the edible garden journey —

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How to: Create a Thriving Edible Backyard — Kath Irvine

Kath Irvine is a renowned organic gardening and permaculture expert and author. Through her writing and consults, she helps people create productive, beautiful and, most of all, easy gardens. 

In this interview, Kath shares her gardening wisdom, including the importance of starting small, slowing down, taking notice and following your intuition.

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Hotel’s Hillside Garden — Sherwood, Queenstown

Sherwood’s trump card is its grounds. They were previously covered with bracken, wilding pines and an old abandoned car. The team has since refreshed the area. A very large vegetable garden is front and centre (which also forms a handy circuit for a bike track). Sherwood employs a full time horticulturalist to grow for the restaurant, to maximise what of their menu is grown in-house.

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How to Grow: TANGELO

This messy-to-eat citrus fruit is known for its juicy flesh, and balance of sweet and tart flavours - the culmination of its mandarin and grapefruit relatives. They have few pips and most varieties are easy to peel.

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