Holly MacCallum

Hello garden enthusiasts

I'm Holly and I tackle all things administrative and organisational for Sage Journal.

Whether it's setting up systems, helping gather content or diving into any task thrown my way, I'm here to help out wherever I can to facilitate this gorgeous journal!

A little bit about me - I love to travel the world and keep Emma on her toes with my ever-changing locations and time zones. Exploring different cultures and parts of the world, and meeting people from all walks of life is a core value for me. I am definitely in my element when I am surrounded by inspiring people.

As someone who does not have a green finger whatsoever and who is very new to my gardening journey, I am learning about a whole new and exciting world.

The Sage community is certainly a special one and I am excited to see how it blossoms and to grow with it!

Holly MacCallum | Sage Journal