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How to Grow & Care for Peonies

PAEONIA (Peony / Peony rose) — A spring flowering staple. The timeless allure of peonies makes them a brilliant choice for your garden. If you follow the right advice, growing peonies should be an easy and rewarding undertaking.

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HOW YOU BREED: Cymbidium Orchids

Orchids are probably the oldest cultivated flowers in the world and are used in many cultures as a flower that represents value. Green orchids symbolise good health, long life and strength, while white orchids symbolise innocence, elegance and respect. They are a flower of substance and are really long lasting.

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How to Grow: TANGELO

This messy-to-eat citrus fruit is known for its juicy flesh, and balance of sweet and tart flavours - the culmination of its mandarin and grapefruit relatives. They have few pips and most varieties are easy to peel.

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