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How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden | Sage Journal x Goodnature
How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden
A comprehensive guide for gardeners when it comes to dealing with rats and mice in the garden (or inside!) — in partnership with Goodnature. Rodents are part of the not-so-glamorous side of gardening and tending to the land. They love your edible harvests and compost bins — and, particularly in autumn, they're looking for shelter and food to stash for the colder months ahead. 
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How to: Build a Raised Garden Bed

A raised planting bed is a gardener's secret weapon for success. Whether you are a beginner gardener, short on space or simply looking to formalise an area in your garden, building a raised bed is the perfect place to start.

— Written by Elly Keen

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34 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Dry Gardens

By early summer in some gardens you may struggle to keep your plants from becoming victims to dry soil and severe drought, especially if they are new plants or plants with lots of new growth. Find out what will thrive in the garden in drought conditions…

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