Emma Sage

Hey, I’m Emma.

The camera-shy writer and founder behind Sage Journal.

Sage was born from a desire to feature real, well-loved gardens by everyday people. More than 10 years ago, when my husband and I bought our first home, I struggled to find what I needed: real, attainable and local garden inspiration; gardening advice that was relevant, engaging and easily digestible; and connections with inspiring and knowledgeable gardeners, new and old.

So 4 years ago I started collecting, documenting and featuring stories of real, hands-in-the-dirt, soil-on-the-clothes gardeners who were sometimes failing, many times succeeding and always asking questions.

I wanted to create a place to share knowledge that otherwise might be lost.

Not everyone comes from a line of avid gardeners like me (super grateful), where ringing up my mum or nana for advice on how to get rid of the aphids in the garden or find out why my buxus is turning its toes up is a regular thing.

So when I started Sage, I wanted it to be New Zealand’s go-to gardening resource. A place where you can learn, be inspired, and find a like-minded community to share our collective knowledge.

With love and dirty fingernails,
Emma Sage x

Emma Sage | Sage Journal
How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden | Sage Journal x Goodnature
How to get rid of rats and mice in the garden
A comprehensive guide for gardeners when it comes to dealing with rats and mice in the garden (or inside!) — in partnership with Goodnature. Rodents are part of the not-so-glamorous side of gardening and tending to the land. They love your edible harvests and compost bins — and, particularly in autumn, they're looking for shelter and food to stash for the colder months ahead. 
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Te Whare Māra: The Garden House — Pōneke Wellington

Te Whare Māra - The Garden House - blurs the lines between landscape and architecture. This Wellington garden exemplifies landscape design that boasts beauty, sustainability and meaningful spaces to inhabit and enjoy.

Designed by local.

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How Chelsea Thorpe blends landscape, creativity & comfort | Black House Studio
  Then came the newly built accommodation studio. Set against the backdrop of Gisborne’s landscapes, Black House Studio goes beyond the conventional notion of accommodation. It effortlessly marries architectural elegance with the natural splendour that envelops it. Chelsea’s interview with us invites you to appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity that converged to shape Black House ...
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Flavours From My Italian Kitchen Garden: Bri DiMattina

Recipe developer and gardener Bri DiMattina’s book, Nostrana, sets out to rekindle the joy of the home garden and kitchen. Nostrana means homegrown, ours; growing food with the intent of sharing it with others.

In this interview Bri shares her keys to starting and enjoying the edible garden journey —

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Recipe | Spinach, Leek, Zucchini & Feta Bake

Belinda Jeffery is a food writer, cookbook author and one of Australia’s most loved home cooks.

This is one of those lovely mix-and-match dishes where you can use up all sorts of vegetables, herbs and odds and ends of cheese that happen to be lurking in the fridge.

Recipe from In Belinda’s Kitchen by Belinda Jeffery

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How to: Create a Thriving Edible Backyard — Kath Irvine

Kath Irvine is a renowned organic gardening and permaculture expert and author. Through her writing and consults, she helps people create productive, beautiful and, most of all, easy gardens. 

In this interview, Kath shares her gardening wisdom, including the importance of starting small, slowing down, taking notice and following your intuition.

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